Rob & Steve

Cincinnati, Ohio

8b0f06dd9d89b4791b1812c5ef85c50d“We Are Headed…”

We are headed towards our 27th Anniversary. It truly does not seem like it could be that long, but then it seems like we have always been together. Rob has been keeping a journal since he was 14 years old.  In a 1985 journal entry, he wrote that he was looking for his soul mate and in 1986 he met Steve. This quote from The Symposium rang true…

4606f38fb76e43d4b8597386c06eb36d “…and when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself, whether he be a lover of youth or a lover of another sort, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other’s sight, as I may say, even for a moment…”

― Plato, The Symposium


c3994ee34e4d388c85a24567db243d78That’s how we feel about each other. And we have had so much fun growing up and into ourselves. Our dear friend Bobbie Corbean, who was 30 years our senior, told us to notice and admire the changes in our physical beings because it was us growing into our features.  It’s so true.  We take the time to admire the changes we see and to know that inside we are the same twenty-something young men who feel in love.

dc213f368bfde206dc9d185eb7fb8c96We have had so many incarnations in our years together. We moved to the mountains of Colorado in our 20’s to seek out a guru, in our 30’s we opened our own gay/art boutique that had a sense of spirit, in our 40’s we ran a small manufacturing company and took care of parents. And now in our 50’s we continue our quest to develop our individual souls but also to have as much time together on this glorious planet as possible.  That’s why two years ago we changed our lives one more time. We stepped away from our desk jobs, went to massage school in New Mexico for a year, started teaching yoga, became personal trainers and offering retreats on healthy habits for a better quality of life. It’s how we live. We encourage each other every day.

732200798485656ab7ef90d1101d35aaAll of this makes us healthier in this new phase of our lives but it also allows us to be of service to others. That feels good. We are all in this together. Not just the two of us but the two of us and all of you. The longer we live the more we realize that we are all connected and we all have the hunger for our lives to have meaning. We each decide what that meaning is and then we start creating it with our thoughts and then our actions.

cf63e04457bd5e9dbc7699ffc5d92faeSo we have decided to create our reality where 50 is only a new beginning and that our days will be full of love and magic!

Rob Dorgan Steve Bolia



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  • Gerry

    Rob & Steve you guys are amazing and goodlooking

  • Dave Allen.

    Hey Rob and Steve! Are you back in Cincinnati yet? I’ve missed seeing you at the Y and out and about. Love your story and can attest to the truth of it. My partner, Dan, now owns The Little Mahatma on Vine, and I’m running GreenBird from a building I bought across from Findlay Market. Hope to catch up.

  • ps27b1

    Amazing and beautiful and handsome and talented and so lovable!