Guillermo Bass

Malibu, California

66cd898567b3d767d744ce9905eb96d2“I Remember…”

I remember as a kid all I wanted to do was get older. There was something about that larger number that meant freedom. Little did I recognize the responsibilities that come with the number, ha ha. Over the course of my, thus far short, life I have learned to love and appreciate what a lot of us take for granted. The last two years have been a bit of a struggle for me as I learn to adapt and deal with my Systemic Lupus diagnosis. The symptoms, the treatment, the days of feeling so sick I can’t get out of bed…they all remind me of age. What it is to grow older and what it was to be a carefree kid.

4f3a0688ca126a2260da2c69f39a1d4fI’ll be forty in February. I’ve experienced the loss of loved ones, even held their hand as they’ve gone. I’ve also experience what it is to welcome someone new into the fold. Be it a baby or a spouse, the joy of adding to a family only conjures thoughts of a future. A new generation. Through it all I can say this, age gracefully. Wrinkles are road maps to your soul. They let the world know that you’ve been here. You’ve put in your time. Take your gained knowledge and developed wisdom to the altar and share it. Inspire. Take care of your mind, body, and soul. Allow the mind to rest and become calm, clear. Nurture and nourish the body. Keep it mobile and healthy. Free your soul. Love it and allow it to love.

8d6a138336c0c6ccb6fd8f3cf5fc057cWe were not put here on this earth to be alone. Like a new born child needs human touch and interaction, so don’t we all. Be honest. Be yourself, and embrace that person because you are as perfect as your Higher power made you…and that’s pretty perfect.

- Guillermo Bass





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