Frank Lopez (Eddie)

North Hollywood, CA

photo(2)My name is Frank Lopez. I am the proud adoptive father of two great kids a boy, now 22 and girl, now 25. They were raised by two gay dads back in the 90s. You think gay adoptions were frowned upon NOW…I remember being in the market with the kids and my now ex and seeing two ladies take great interest in us and the kids. When they figured it out i heard one say “those poor children”…Right lady. They were well cared for! :)

They are actually my niece and nephew. My brother, God rest his soul, and his then wife allowed us to raise the kids. For years the kids were very well aware of their multiple parentage and we made it work thank God. For better and sometimes for worse… Fast forward present day.

me and baby milesI am single now since ’05. I’ve had relationships since then but none that lasted. BUT, I have the best relationship ever with my kids and family and am so grateful. I am also now the proud gay grandfather of a beautiful girl, a month old today (9/8/13). I feel like somewhat of a pioneer with having had a 15 year relationship (almost married) and raising two kids before it became “fashionable”. And it IS. Sadly. Some treat the whole adoption thing like a status symbol and it’s quite disheartening to see. Fair is fair. I’ve seen some straight acquaintances do it too.



I’ve been in the music industry for over 20 years now and am also a musician at heart. I have a great love of traveling and have been all over with and without my kids and family. I have struggled with some health issues over the past several years but the love and support of my family has kept me going. I’ve dealt with discrimination, hate, abuse (both sexual and emotional), addiction, recovery, highs, lows, joys and sorrows. No better and no worse than the next person but they are my own.



I see all around me things changing for the gay world. We are being widely accepted in “married” circles and in “child rearing” circles if that’s what you want to call them. It’s so much easier now for our brothers and sisters but it’s also still very, very difficult. We are still very much the enemy. In returning to the dating world I run across many more guys who are saying they want to have children. Amazing but there are still many who say this without giving the actual responsibilities much thought. Show up and do the work is my advice. Research everything beforehand. :)


For now, my personal story continues. I continue to strive to be healthy and happy. I continue to be there for my kids who don’t know it but they have actually saved my life many times. For want of a better ending, I will update this as things unfold.

- Frank Lopez (Eddie)



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  • Jana

    Frank – beautifully written. You popped into my mind today and I googled you and there you were immediately at first click. How wonderful to read about you and see current pics. It’s been so many years since we have seen each other; way back in the ’90s and all that they were in LA in the entertainment biz, Hayes & Hume, Jimmy’s, and all that jazz (and country). Glad to hear you have such a full life and I gather you are still singing. That’s terrific. Would love to catch up. Thanks again for mentioning me on your first CD. I still have it. If you haven’t guessed who already – It’s Ms. B, long hair, singer, friend…… XOXO