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Mike Russell

Portland, Maine

1010660_10201177522350843_1688292427_n“I’m Glad…”

I’m glad I never listened to the parts of gay culture that tell us we have no worth as human beings after we pass 30 and that we should resent younger men as we get older. A few weeks ago, I turned 41, and so far in my life, I’ve been able to avoid the mercenary coldness that many of my fellow gay men complain about.

1000045_10201177407867981_886031211_nDon’t get me wrong; I am a million miles from having all the answers. But I have found that life is much better when I treat men of all ages as human beings who deserve love and respect. That means no disparaging comments about “trolls,” “twinks” or any of the other adolescent insults that get thrown around far too much. I immediately lose respect for any gay man I hear say “He’s so old” or “He’s just a baby.” In either case, my response is, “So what?” Nobody did anything wrong or virtuous by being older or younger.

1000812_10201177568511997_2109880601_nMy husband and I have been together since 2006, and we got legally married this year. We love each other a lot and are looking forward to growing old together. Already, I’ve gotten a little grayer, and Jason’s hairline has receded a bit. And that’s fine. We’re going to remain boyish and playful no matter how mature we get.

- Michael Russell

Black and White Photos by Stephen Kislus:

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