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Begin With Yes


Happy 2014 everybody! I know it’s going to be stellar, and if you feel the same way you’ll love the conversation I had recently about simple but incredibly powerful ways we can own 2014 – and every year to come.

Personal coach Paul Boynton is the author of Begin With Yes, a guide to setting things in motion and opening new doors. In his book, Boynton describes what he calls the Law of Action. As someone who lives by and coaches people on the Law of Attraction, I was eager to talk to Paul about a law he says which reverses the order typically described by Law of Attraction. Paul says what we DO effects how we THINK and the kind of experiences we HAVE. You can hear my conversation with him below, and hear a slew of other inspiring thought leaders) here.

Peace + love. xS

PS – Speaking of good conversation, watch this space for a big announcement in a couple of days! Like I said, I know 2014 is going to be stellar! And I have a special limited time offer for you: Visit the Begin With Yes website and click “Special Offer” to download your free copy!

Listen to the interview: